Your Weekly Productivity Breakdown

Productivity Tips

Reflect on every workday.

Take a few minutes every night to assess your performance and what you could have done better. You might even want to jot it down in a journal to track your progress.

Carve out "productivity pockets" daily.

Figure out when in the day you are most productive and devote those time slots to activities that require a lot of uninterrupted focus.

Get the hardest things out of the way.

Instead of putting off the most daunting tasks and letting them loom over you, just dig in and get them finished – and out of your head – so you can focus on other items.

Create a morning ritual.

Set yourself up for a successful workday by nourishing your mind and body first thing in the morning. Make a healthy breakfast, meditate, and exercise to get yourself ready for the day.

Stop eating lunch at your desk.

Eating lunch hunched over at your desk may save you a few minutes, but it's not good for your mental health and productivity in the long run. Give yourself fresh air or simply move to another room for a change of scenery.

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